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The problem and solution

It is likely that you spend a considerable amount of time lounging on your sofas and chairs. Unfortunately, prolonged use can cause the cushions to become flat, misshapen, and uncomfortable. This can make it difficult to relax or enjoy your favourite TV show or book. Moreover, it can detract from the overall appearance and comfort of your living room, creating an unwelcoming and uninviting atmosphere. However, there is no need to despair, as we, at Soft Options, have the ideal solution to this common problem. We understand that a comfortable sofa or chair is essential to the quality of your life at home. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive service that can renew the inners of your cushions with high-quality foam and fibre materials, or revamping and recycling old interiors.

Same day service

We understand being without cushions is not ideal, so we can offer a same day service in most cases. Colection and delivery is also an option if needed. Please get in touch for more information.


Foam cut to size

At Soft Options, we understand that DIY enthusiasts prefer to take matters into their own hands. Therefore, we offer a foam cut-to-shape service that can cater to your specific needs. You can easily order the required foam on our online shop or pop into our store in Hartlepool, and we will cut it to your desired shape and size. This can be useful for creating custom cushions or upholstering furniture yourself. We believe that a comfortable and well-maintained sofa or chair is essential to the overall appearance and comfort of your home. Flat, misshapen, and worn cushions can not only be frustrating but also unattractive and uninviting. 


In conclusion, If youre cushions are uncomfortable, out of shape, and need replacing or some attention, get in touch for some advice and a free, no obligation quote.







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